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Conceiving Naturally Over 40 – Twice!

I felt incredibly hopeless when I first approached Garnet Moon Denver for help with my infertility issues. After trying to conceive for almost two years without success, I didn’t know if I would ever be able to become a mother. But Lindsay at Garnet Moon Denver was incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate in helping me with my fertility journey. She provided me with a tailored treatment plan, including acupuncture sessions, herbal supplements, and fertility-boosting nutritional advice. She helped my mindset and emotional health at each session, which helped me physically prepare my body for the fertility treatment I needed to conceive. 

I am so thankful for the work of Garnet Moon Denver in helping me become a mother of two beautiful children. Lindsay provided invaluable guidance and support throughout my pregnancy, and I am forever grateful for her expertise. With the help of Garnet Moon Denver, I can proudly say that I achieved natural conception twice – something that seemed impossible just a few years ago! If you want help with fertility issues, I recommend calling Lindsay at Garnet Moon Denver.


Pregnant After Five Failed IVF Attempts with Endometriosis.

Lindsay is a fantastic caregiver all around. I was beaten down by a long fertility journey and suffered endometriosis for several years, but Lindsay helped me find my inner strength again. Her positive approach helped me visualize and manifest a healthy pregnancy after five failed rounds of IVF. As well as Lindsay’s

knowledge of fertility medicine and pregnancy is impressive, and I always felt she understood how to help me and what my body was going through. I can 100% tell you without Lindsay’s guidance I wouldn’t be pregnant right now. She is a human provider, and I consider her a friend after months of treatment. I went to Lindsay for acupuncture, but she healed my soul. Fertility IVF Success Stories | Garnet Moon Denver


Pregnant Naturally Within 3 Months – After Secondary Infertility.

I was desperate to have a second baby and had tried various treatments before visiting Lindsay. It was immediately apparent that she was deeply passionate about helping her clients succeed, and her knowledge of fertility, women’s health medicine, and acupuncture was remarkable. With her help, I began to appreciate the many benefits of the treatments- from relieving my anxiety around needles to noticing an increase in energy and vitality, balance in my hormones, and then later throughout my pregnancy. 

Now, at 35 weeks pregnant, I can confidently say that we would not expect our second daughter without Lindsay’s expertise and guidance. The therapies she prescribed helped me conceive and gave me the strength and well-being I needed for a healthy pregnancy. She was always there for support when things got tough and continued to provide me with the help I needed.

I am incredibly grateful that Lindsay recommended Chinese medicine and acupuncture; it has been life changing! I highly recommend her services if you seek an experienced practitioner to guide you on your fertility journey with care, compassion, and expertise.


Healthy Pregnancy – Acupuncture Support IVF.

I first came to Lindsay searching for an acupuncturist to help with fertility issues, and I got so much more than I expected. I quickly learned Lindsay doesn’t just want to provide acupuncture; she aims to heal the whole person, including the mind and body. She helped me emotionally and spiritually through my fertility journey and kept me positive even through some of my most tough times.

Throughout this journey, she was genuinely concerned about my wellness and progress and helped me transform my mindset and perspectives for a more positive life outlook. I recently learned I am pregnant! If you need a mentor, life coach, acupuncturist, a positive mood, stress relief, and a support person, I couldn’t recommend Lindsay enough!

L. B. 

4 Failed IUI’s – Pregnant Naturally With The Garnet Moon Fertility Method. 

My husband and I had been trying to start a family for some time but were disappointed and tough. After consulting two specialists and undergoing 4 IUIs, the outlook was not optimistic. We were told that we might only succeed in two more attempts at IUI, but this gave us little hope of conceiving using our eggs. That’s when we decided to look into other alternatives, such as acupuncture. 

We found Lindsay, who was recommended to us by our fertility specialist, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions we have ever made.

After undergoing several treatments with Lindsay and Garnet Moon Denver before our final IUI attempt, something unique happened- we got pregnant! We know our success is the support and guidance given to us by Lindsay throughout the process.

She was always available for questions, tailored her treatment plan specifically for me, and took extra care to ensure that I was comfortable throughout my visits. 

Our dream of starting a family finally came true thanks to Lindsay’s expertise in fertility acupuncture and her compassionate approach! We are forever grateful for her dedication and would highly recommend her services to anyone considering acupuncture to improve their chances of conceiving.

B. C. 

Balance Hormones – Pregnant Within 3-Months.

I decided to try acupuncture, and I’m so glad I did! After only a few sessions, my fertility improved drastically. Not only did the acupuncture help me to understand my cycle better, but I could feel an overall sense of balance and wellness that seemed to be missing before. Acupuncture helped me to address issues like stress and anxiety, which are common causes of infertility. With each passing session, I was feeling more healthy physically and mentally.

Lindsay’s expert advice and treatments have been instrumental in my successful fertility and pregnancy journey. She created a personalized treatment plan that met my concerns and tailored it to meet my needs. Her care was always holistic, focusing on the mind-body connection when approaching reproductive health issues.

I am so grateful to have found Garnet Moon Denver and Lindsay as my fertility advisor. She was an incredible source of emotional and reproductive health, and medical support during my journey to conceive. Her office is a tranquil and calming environment filled with warmth and compassion.

After 7 months of following her guidance, I can confidently say I’m expecting a healthy baby! I’m so pleased with the outcome and would recommend Lindsay to anyone looking for an experienced fertility advisor who provides compassionate care and customized plans for their patients. Fertility IVF Success Stories | Garnet Moon Denver

J. K.