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Garnet Moon Denver is a modern oasis of wellness solutions for women who want to comfortably explore the holistic approach to overall health and well-being, Fertility Acupuncture + Natural Medicine + Pregnancy Support, Integrative Natural Medicine for Women’s Health + Hormones, Pain Relief, Emotional Healing, and Glowing Skin. We offer highly effective treatments specifically tailored to your needs, emphasizing natural healing methods tailored around Integrative Healing with Science Medicine, Functional Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture, and Intuitive Medicine.

Our successful signature fertility method has a 90% success rate for achieving pregnancy within 3-months (most within the 1st cycle) while following our signature program!

Get the results you deserve from a 13-year expert in Fertility, Pregnancy, Women’s Health, Hormones, & Intuitive Medicine & Wellness!



Fertility, IVF, IUI Support, & Pregnancy

We have a 90% success rate within 3 months with our signature method, The Wellwoman Code, to increase fertility, improve egg quality & a healthy womb, & balance hormones.

Our treatments can enhance fertility success by up to 60% for IVF, IUI, & other assisted fertility treatments. We use Integrative Medicine deeply rooted in Science & Holistic Medicine, & have over 13-years of experience working in Fertility, Women’s Health, & Pregnancy.

We also help women build a healthy pregnancy & throughout pregnancy to prevent miscarriage, aid in pregnancy-related symptoms: pain, insomnia, nausea, stress, & discomfort, & prepare the baby & mom for labor & delivery when the time is right. Lindsay has hundreds of hours of education & training in Fertility Medicine, Women’s Health & Hormones Medicine, & Intuitive Healing, & thousands of hours in private practice.

Intuitive Healing & Womb Wisdom

Our mission is to guide YOU to your magical alignment, highest potential, & inner wisdom. Working with Garnet Moon Denver, you will fall in love with your uniqueness & authenticity, heal physical & emotional issues, regain your freedom & balance, learn to tune into your self-radiant love & power, & transform spiritually & physically to manifest your deepest desires because you deserve it!

At Garnet Moon, we are proud to offer Intuitive Healing & Womb Wisdom as a support option for fertility, healing trauma, dealing with physical pain & imbalances, & increasing wellness that is undeniably unlike any other healing service in the Denver area!

Lindsay uses a powerful combination of reiki, energy healing, mindset & subconscious reprogramming, & wisdom to design a healing option to help you clear emotional trauma & blocks, tune into your self-healing powers, & manifest your deepest desires, creativity, fertility, & self-love.

Lindsay is an expert in integrative medicine for Fertility, Women’s Health, Hormones, & Intuitive Medicine & Healing. You can learn more about Lindsay here.

Women's Health, Hormones, Regulating Cycle

We give you the options to heal, feel balanced, & vibrant in your feminine energy. Our treatments offer you the integration of Holistic Medicine, Science, Functional Medicine, & Intuitive Medicine to balance your hormones & menstrual cycle, & gain your energy back!

We help women with many hormonal conditions, including endometriosis, thyroid & endocrine issues, menopause, hot flashes, insomnia, PMDD, PMS, low ovarian reserve, ovarian & uterine cysts, digestive issues, headaches, loss of concentration, depression, fibroids, poor uterine lining, painful periods, mood swings & emotional imbalances, & so much more.

We have helped so many women over the years find the balance, relief, & freedom to feel their best, & feel like themselves again. Our model integrates mind, body, & spirit. When you feel good in your energy self, your physical self feels alive & balanced too!

Integrative Natural Medicine

FEEL ALIGNED WITH YOUR BEST SELF! A Garnet Moon Denver, we’ve helped hundreds of women like yourself get the answers to heal, & achieve their dreams!

Acupuncture & our signature treatment plans at Garnet Moon Denver are like no other. Lindsay uses her training in Chinese Medicine, Integrative Natural Medicine, & Intuitive Medicine to zone in & identify where energy is “off” in your physical body, emotional body, & energy soul body.

We will help to balance & support gynecological & hormonal issues, emotional wellness, pain management, migraines & headaches, decreasing or eliminating fatigue, digestive problems, memory issues, long-lasting COVID symptoms/damage, stroke recovery, hormonal skin & cosmetic concerns, insomnia & poor sleep, increased blood flow for longevity, reproductive health, & so much more! 

We give you the tools for empowerment to take control of your healing & journey – to set you up for long-lasting success! 

Emotional health, stress, anxiety, trauma, & mindset

We help women experiencing anxiety, stress, current & past traumas, feeling burnt out, feeling out of alignment, & emotions causing sleep & energy issues. We also help with Fertility & Hormonal issues contributing to anxiety & stress. 

Lindsay will teach you how to integrate healing crystals & essential oils to increase your emotional balance, intuitive connection, & optimal wellness, as well as guide you to build stability & a foundation in your life to feel safe, get unstuck & clear what is no longer serving you. Lindsay will show you how to shift your mindset to heal, manifest, & feel in alignment with your true self!

Our method equally designs wellness-driven food & lifestyle plans for overall wellness, clarity, & balance. We offer a unique healing space that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Your healing & success are our primary focus, & we guide you to your unique inner wisdom!

Cosmetic, Acne, & Glowing Skin


At Garnet Moon, our dedication is to provide holistic, natural beauty solutions that improve & emphasize your overall health & well-being to give you the natural glow! Our signature unique skincare regimens are tailored to your needs, using the best ingredients nature offers & the expert treatment you deserve!

Garnet Moon’s Cosmetic Acupuncture treatments help with various skin issues & desired balance for hormones, cystic acne overall & around your cycle, hormonal imbalances, fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, discoloration, sagging & drooping skin, anti-aging prevention, & increased collagen production & blood circulation. We also see conditions for Bell’s Palsy, stroke damage, dermatological issues, chronic migraines & headaches, & neck firming for sagging skin. 

At Garnet Moon, we help you illuminate your light & shine your beautiful, unique glow. Our glow method will help you achieve confidence & radiant beauty with our Anti-Aging Treatments!

Garnet Moon is #1 in Denver For Best Acupuncture & Intuitive Healing. 

We provide powerful solutions such as increasing success in assisted fertility cycles like IVF and IUI (up to 60%) with customized treatment plans, including herbs, supplements, Nutrition + Wellness, lifestyle changes, acupuncture, functional medicine, Signature Skincare + Wellness Apothecary, Energy healing + Intuitive Wellness. Our signature treatments can help alleviate painful periods and hormonal balance issues such as endometriosis, PCOS, thyroid problems, cysts, and fibroids and nourish you for glowing skin.

At Garnet Moon Denver, we also prioritize working through deep-rooted behavioral patterns that may negatively impact your growth by facilitating Spiritual Counseling and Intuitive Life Coaching services so you can clear trauma, limiting mindsets, and manifest your dreams! We empower and guide you to reconnect with your natural rhythm so you feel vibrant, confident, your best, and in alignment with your unique magic. 

We know fertility and women’s health because Lindsay Goodwin, MSOM, LAc., BS, our founder, has hundreds of hours of training, both Holistic and Science-based, in Fertility, Women’s Health, Pregnancy Support + Labor Prep, Integrative Medicine, Hormones, Intuitive Medicine, Mentor Coaching, and success in what we do, as well as thousands of clinical work while in practice. #1 in Denver For Best Acupuncture & Intuitive Healing.

Let us empower you towards reproductive health, balance, and wellbeing!


“I have been working with Lindsay since 2018, and I am so grateful for all of the healing support she has provided to me over the years. I highly recommend her. She cares so much about her clients and has truly mastered her craft. She is extremely knowledgeable in acupuncture and herbal remedies and has helped me heal many emotional and physical issues. Lindsay also serves as an intuitive life coach and mentor and brings perspective and insight into your situations in a way that help heal, empower and motivate you!”

Kristen / Chicago, IL