At Garnet Moon We want you to feel vibrant

Our treatment methods are deeply rooted in holistic medicine — The Best Nutrition Plans & Acupuncture in Denver. It’s no secret that what we eat directly affects how our bodies function, our clarity, and how energetic we feel. Eating a diet that is rich in healthy benefits, chlorophyll, and high vibration is the key to longevity.

At Garnet Moon, we use these principles and the ancient healing wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM nutrition), and Functional Natural Medicine for nutrition plans for wellness, fertility, women’s health, hormone balance, glowing skin, pain, and stress & anxiety

Lindsay, the Garnet Moon Founder, is also a Medical Intuitive and certified hypnotherapist, so she uses these tools in her healing plans. This gives her the opportunity to understand what your body might need based on energy and help you reset your subconscious mind around a healthy lifestyle that is right for you and your healing process.

So what is TCM nutrition and how can it help you?

TCM is known as Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been practiced for over 3000 years. TCM revolves around the theory of the five elements of nature, and considering TCM nutrition, the flavors of the elements, along with the corresponding organs according to TCM theory, are listed below.

  • Wood – Liver/Gallbladder (sour flavors) 
  • Metal – Lung/Large Intestine (bland flavors) 
  • Fire – Heart/Small Intestine (bitter flavors)
  • Earth – Spleen/Stomach (sweet flavors) 
  • Water – Kidneys/Bladder (salty flavors) 

At Garnet Moon, Lindsay takes it a step further and adds Chakra Therapy for nutrition & overall wellness. Chakras are energy wheels in our spine that hold energy and have a lot to do with how our body system functions. We can add foods into our diet that relate to each color of the Chakra organ system to nourish and balance this area of the body where imbalances may be.

  • Crown – brain (purple energy) 
  • Third-Eye – pineal gland/sinuses (cobalt blue energy) 
  • Throat – parts of the endocrine system (blue energy) 
  • Heart – circulation (green energy) 
  • Solar Plexus – upper digestion (yellow energy) 
  • Sacral – reproduction & lower digestion (orange energy) 
  • Root – lower spine & elimination (red energy) 

We see beyond the physical and help you be more intuitive about your nutrition choices. Let’s face it stress, anxiety, and feeling out of alignment with yourself can cause you to reach for outside sources to fill a needed comfort. We help you not only with making more healthy nutrition changes in your life but also help you with the emotional issues that go along with food and lifestyle habits. We want you to feel support fully while in our care. Healing for long-term results is our primary goal! Best Nutrition Plans & Acupuncture in Denver.

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Nutrition & lifestyle areas we help with:

  • Intuitive eating & helping identify emotional triggers
  • Healthy weight loss & reducing inflammation in the body
  • Nutrition for pain management, arthritis, & other related pain issues
  • Digestive wellness & food sensitivities
  • Fertility boosting nutrition & preparing your body for pregnancy
  • Nutrition for radiant glowing skin & skin correction
  • Balancing hormones naturally with diet: including PCOS, endometriosis, cysts, fibroids, thin uterine lining, & menstrual issues
  • Healthy nutrition to help with stress, anxiety, sleep issues, & emotional wellness
  • Longevity for an vibrant body to feel your best!