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Making your all health issue resolved with Denver Garnet Moon Love

Garnet Moon offers over 10 years in expertise for Women’s Health, Reproductive Medicine, Pain Management, Emotional Healing, Skincare & Anti-Aging, Life Coaching, & Energy Healing. 

Gained Clarity & Confidence Back! 

Lindsay is truly the real deal! She has the warmest presence and helped me gain clarity through her coaching and intuitive skills. I can’t wait to work with her again in the future. If you are in need of guidance, I can’t recommend her enough!! Thank you Lindsay!


Healthy Pregnancy & Emotional Balance Restored!

I am so grateful to have found Lindsay! She is excellent for acupuncture, Chinese medicine and overall women’s health. I was referred to Lindsay through a friend of mine who saw Lindsay for fertility treatments when her practice was in Chicago- I felt so fortunate that when I was ready to start on my fertility journey.

Lindsay is extremely knowledgeable about fertility/pregnancy and I have felt so comfortable seeing her for acupuncture throughout my journey. She goes above and beyond to understand your unique situation and creates a tailored approach for each client. I highly recommend women pursuing pregnancy/family planning OR those just wanting to consult on overall womens health see Lindsay!

Thanks, Lindsay for all that you do!


Our Clients Stay With Us for Years! 

I have been working with Lindsay since 2018, and I am so grateful for all of the healing support she has provided to me over the years. I highly recommend her. She cares so much about her clients and has truly mastered her craft. She is extremely knowledgeable in acupuncture and herbal remedies and has helped me heal many emotional and physical issues. Lindsay also serves as an intuitive life coach and mentor and brings perspective and insight into your situations in a way that help heal, empower and motivate you!


No More Back Pain!

I have had chronic back pain and neck for the last 5 years, and Lindsay’s acupuncture treatments have made more of an impact on my pain management than any doctors or rehab specialist have to date. Highly recommend!


No One Else Could Help — But We Healed Her Back Pain!

Thank you Lindsay for helping me! Doctors would always give me muscle relaxers for years to treat back pain. Doctors never knew why I had such frequent back pain until god helped me come across this wonderful lady. She got rid of 100% of any emotional and physical pain. I am very thankful for her. She is someone that absolutely loves her job and her patients. Lindsay will really go above and beyond to make sure her patients are feeling well. She truly cares for anyone and everyone she treats. She will always be in my thoughts and heart.


Failed IVF Cycles Before Us —- Then Healthy Pregnancy On Our Signature Method!

Lindsay is amazing. If you are dealing with fertility issues or are pregnant definitely reach out to Garnet Moon Denver, and Lindsay to help with your fertility journey. I worked with her for 2 years while going through fertility treatments and then while I was pregnant. I had never done acupuncture before and Lindsay made me feel right at home. After adding acupuncture into my fertility journey I felt more calm and relaxed and could really embrace the process. I worked with Lindsay literally till the week I gave birth. I miss her so much in Chicago! Go see her!!


Difficult Fertility Journey, Pregnant Naturally — We Support ALL Parts of You!

Lindsay is someone I have great respect for. I originally came to see her for fertility acupuncture, but she gives me so much more. Lindsay has become my life coach and helps me process things in life that can be difficult. I trust her and her advice. She is constantly cheering me on and I know she always has my best intentions at heart. I highly recommend anyone to Lindsay – whether it’s fertility or general well-being, she’s a great person to have as part of your team!


No More TMJ & Emotional Support With Anxiety!

A friend and co-worker of mine referred me to Lindsay to try to help with my TMJ and overall mental health and let me tell you…I’m sad it took me so long to find her. I have GREAT relief from my TMJ from seeing and also have managed me stress much better and overall mental health. She’s so invested in your progress in the most positive way. I literally look forward to my appointments all the time. Go to here!!


Two Failed IVF Cycle — Pregnant Naturally at Age 43!

After two failed IVF attempts we decided to try acupuncture. My chiropractor mentioned Garnet Moon Denver, and Lindsay to us. I went in for a full evaluation and medical history. Lindsay does a very detailed and easy to understand explanation of why you may be having issues with betting pregnant and carrying a baby full term. She provides you with not only acupuncture and herbal recommendations, but also gives you a fertility diet and offers health coaching.

Lindsay has taught me a lot about myself, how to combat stress, live in the moment, and I’m pleased to announce our son was born Spring of 2017! Lindsay does a wonderful job of integrating her treatments along side of IVF interventions. I am very pleased with the results and continue to send friends and family her way. Advanced Fertility & Energy Healing Testimonials | Garnet Moon.


Years of No Answers to Horrible Acne — We Solved All Her Skin Care Needs!

I came to Lindsay when my skin was at its worst. I have had chronic cystic acne since my teens, and have tried every medicine–Accutane and Bacterium to name a few. My skin would clear up but it always re-surfaced 6 months later.

At 27, I thought how can I still be breaking out. Doctors always said it was related to a hormonal imbalance but could never cure it. I finally decided to try something completely different and I chose Lindsay because of her expertise in women’s hormonal imbalance. After the first couple sessions, I was frustrated because the results weren’t immediate.

Lindsay had my change my diet, started taking herbs and using pure organic products on my face. After about 5 sessions, I could tell a difference, my face was slowly clearing up. After 10 sessions, my was was considerably cleared up and at 15 sessions my face was completely clear, BLEMISH FREE. If you are sick of taking pills and want something that truly works, go see Lindsay and try acupuncture. Reiki Healing & Facial Acupuncture Denver.


Happy & Grounded With Our Signature Method!

Lindsay creates a very calming, welcoming space that you can’t help to come back to. Lindsay is very soothing and makes the accupunture process seemless. She is knowledgeable in all things women’s health too. Definitely a great choice for acupuncture, reiki, and women’s health.


Pregnant Naturally Within 1 Month – After Secondary Infertility!

I came to Lindsay in September with the goal of expanding my family. My husband and I had been trying for a second baby without success for a few months before seeing her. Within a month she helped me reach my goal! Lindsay is not only a talented acupuncturist but a good person to have on your team. I felt both listened to and well guided. She individualizes all care and tailors the session to what is needed in that moment. She definitely made a difference in my journey and I am so grateful for her!


Felt Deeply Cared For — While in Our Care!

Lindsay is an extremely gifted healer. She not only is able to do the physical work, through various modalities, but she has an intuitive ability that is just as valuable. I have been an acupuncture patient for over a year. I still look forward to each session encountering Lindsay’s warmth and healing touch.


Feels Incredible & Pain & Stress Free!

Lindsay is a unique healer, I gained much more than the physical treatment I was seeking. She is knowledgable across many fields and is a soothing energy to speak with. I feel incredible when I walk out of her office, so very glad that I found her!


No More Pain, Anxiety & Empowered to Heal!

I initially started receiving acupuncture from Lindsay to help with mental and emotional health clarity but I quickly learned that she provides so much more in terms of whole body care. She was truly invested in my progress and general well being. Not only did she treat my initial concerns but she continued to heal my extreme back pain and helped me gain clarity in so many other areas of my personal life. Visiting her every week for acupuncture or cupping felt more like a break from reality and a wonderful self care / healing experience. She is extremely knowledgeable, attentive and caring. I’ve never experienced such a high level of detail from a health care provider.


Struggling to Find Relief — Major Health  Improvements in Just a Few Weeks While on The GM Signature Method!

Lindsay is amazing! Her holistic approach to wellness has changed my life. Within weeks of seeing her for nutrition/fertility coaching and acupuncture I saw major changes in health issues that I had been struggling with for years. She has been my saving grace, and makes her patient’s feel comfortable and truly takes her time to provide the best care. She is very skilled, knowledgeable, and professional. I highly recommend Lindsay to help get you on a better path to overall health!


Lost 30 Pounds — Hormonal Issues Resolved!

Lindsay Goodwin is wonderful! Very knowledgable and does a lot of research. I have seen her now for over 6 months for hormone issues and they have greatly improved, I look and feel so much better. I’ve lost 30 pounds! She is very caring and empathetic so she is the perfect person to be your partner in health.


Healthy Pregnancy in Just the First Cycle With Us — The Garnet Moon Fertility Method Works! 

My experience with Garnet Moon Denver, and Lindsay has been amazing. My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for over 8 months with no luck. I was nearly ready to seek out help from a fertility clinic, but after speaking to a friend she mentioned Lindsay. My friend was able to get pregnant with Lindsay’s help as well. I’m happy to say I’m 34 weeks pregnant! Lindsay has helped me through the whole pregnancy too. Not only had she helped my family and me start expanding our family, but she also helped me believe in myself and supported me in ways I didn’t think was possible from a health provider. Lindsay is an incredible gift, and I’ll be forever grateful to have found her. If you need an expert in fertility and women’s health, then Lindsay is your answer. I got pregnant within my first cycle! Advanced Fertility & Energy Healing Testimonials | Garnet Moon.


We Deeply Change Lives! 

Lindsay is absolutely incredible! I started seeing her about 6 months ago, and she is so much more than your average acupuncturist. She has helped tremendously not only with my physical health, but with my mental and emotional well-being. She truly cares about her patients, and takes the time to really get to know you. Each session is tailored to what your body needs in that moment. I have never felt rushed during treatments, and have always left feeling better than when I walked in. I am so thankful I found her, she has changed my life for the better!


Incredible Connections Through Healing!

Lindsay is one of the most heart-centered and caring practitioners I’ve ever met. She’s incredibly adept at uncovering the root of your ailments and uses all of her tools to support your healing. She has such a gentle acupuncture style, she’s hilarious, and her intuitive powers are on point! I’m so glad our paths crossed, thank you!