Garnet Moon: Our Unique Method Gets You Results

At Garnet Moon , our unique approach ensures our clients receive unparalleled care. Garnet Moon is at the forefront of natural holistic medicine and healing for women’s health, pain management, fertility, skin care and anti-aging, digestive support, menopause, emotional support, and much more, and provides fast, safe, and proven treatments with results.

Our comprehensive and professional services are effective and tailored to each individual’s needs for Holistic Natural Medicine and Healing.

We understand that every person requires a unique assessment and specific treatment plan for optimal results.

At Garnet Moon, everyone should have access to the highest quality of holistic health care that is integrated with evidence-based science and support of your mind, body, and energy.


Garnet Moon Denver unique approach for the highest success rates for Holistic Fertility Treatment, pregnancy, and women's health. Learn more now!

Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine is a powerful and often overlooked aspect of healing. It encompasses a range of therapies to help you create the life you desire, whether achieving optimal health or starting a family.

At Garnet Moon, we offer a variety of energy healing modalities, such as mindset, hypnosis, reiki, and medical intuition. Lindsay our founder is a Master Intuitive Healer and is a pioneer in integrating physical medicine with energy medicine.

We aim to support you in achieving your goals while facilitating your healing journey.

Science Medicine

Some of Denver’s top physicians and fertility clinics refer their patient’s to us for integrative care and support.

We strongly advocate for integrative functional medicine, which can yield remarkable healing outcomes for integrative natural healing treatments. With our team of experienced integrative medical experts and high success rates, we employ validated techniques to address imbalances. 

Our goal is to empower you on your journey to success.

Oriental Medicine

Oriental medicine, the oldest medicine system globally, restores health and balance by treating the body as a whole using ancient wisdom.

Numerous studies repeatedly demonstrate the immense benefits of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine for overall health, specifically its significant impact on longevity, balanced wellness, fertility and women’s health.

This approach relies on a meticulous and personalized patient lifestyle diagnosis to ensure comprehensive care.

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