Below are some common FAQs about acupuncture, our services, directions, our practice, and more. Please refer to our Getting Started and Services section for more details on services and about us.

We have two locations: South Denver and Parker/Englewood at Rocky Mountain Fertility Center.

South Denver: 1776 S Jackson St, Suite 810. The cross streets are Mexico and Jackson, and we are located less than 1 mile from I25 exit and entrance. We offer a guest parking lot adjacent to the ride side of the entrance of the building. There is also ample two-hour parking on the street out front. Our office has elevator access and is handicap accessible.

We share a space with a yoga studio and other wellness professionals. There’s a code for the exterior door to enter the building, and the code will be provided once you book your in-person session with us.

Parker/Englewood Location: Rocky Mountain Fertility Center: Directions

If you should have any issues with accessing our office please call or text 720.879.8723. Frequently Asked Questions | Garnet Moon Denver. Leader in Denver Fertility & Women’s Health.

Life happens, and things come up, and we do understand, but if you need to cancel your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible, as your appointment time has been reserved just for you.

We understand things arise, but scheduled appointments are the clients’ responsibility. Running more than 15 minutes late, we will do our best to treat you, but there is a possibility that this may forfeit your scheduled appointment time. Frequently Asked Questions | Garnet Moon Denver.

In addition, we do reserve the right to charge for a no-show. We do our best to remind you of your appointment time with confirmation emails and text reminders, but it is your responsibility to know when your appointment time has been scheduled.

Prompt arrival for your scheduled appointment time is much appreciated. WE CHARGE THE FULL TREATMENT AMOUNT FOR LATE CANCELLATIONS AND NO-SHOWS.

Acupuncture needles have nothing in common with hypodermic injection needles; the insertion process is typically painless, primarily when performed by a skilled acupuncturist like Lindsay at Garnet Moon Denver. Once inserted, people may experience a slight pricking sensation or other brief physical sensations such as numbness, heaviness, or distended feeling around the implantation area – all temporary effects that will pass quickly. Pre-sterilized disposable needles allow for safe treatment without any risk of contamination by disease.

Our prices are structured based on what our clients need. We offer packages specific to your health, healing, and wellness goals. If you would like to learn more about our luxury services, please email or text us for further information.

Acupuncture is a powerful therapeutic tool with the potential to unlock hidden capabilities and restore balance within. By tapping into specific points on meridian pathways, acupuncture rebalances your body’s energy flow & provides relief from pain or other health issues. At Garnet Moon Denver, we have vast experience customizing treatment plans that help you naturally heal, regulate hormones, and set yourself up for success!

ABORM Fellows are dedicated clinicians, and thus many also practice as medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, nurses, and more. Our skills reach beyond Chinese medicine, and our practices integrate the unique perspectives of many different branches of medicine.

Undeniably, becoming a certified Fellow on ABORM is a rigorous certification that is only honored to a licensed acupuncturist who can pass the 5-hour exam and certification. In the entire world, only about 400 licensed acupuncturists have been able to meet this high-level certification. 

Seeing a general acupuncturist for infertility care is like getting IVF from a family medical doctor. Specialty training ensures better patient care and results.

As a certified fellow, we are trained in eastern and western reproductive medicine. Our training in biomedicine includes reproductive anatomy, physiology, pathology and differential diagnosis, ART procedures and medications, recurrent miscarriage, and pregnancy.


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When it comes to holistic healing options such as acupuncture, holistic medicine, nutrition, reiki, and intuitive energy healing, we often suggest a series of treatments for optimal results. Acupuncture typically requires 10-16 sessions, while reiki & intuitive energy healing may require several more, depending on your unique needs.

Additionally, all of our coaching packages require a minimum of at least four months’ commitment – however, let us help you design the perfect program tailored to meet your individual goals!

Generally, no acupuncture is very safe when performed by a licensed acupuncturist or medical doctor. One common side effect that can happen rarely is bruising at the needle insertion site. This is generally more commonly seen on the face, where the tissue bruises easily due to being thin, more sensitive skin.

No, acupuncture is not anything close to “dry needling.” “Dry needling” requires no licensure or specialized training and can cause significant danger due to its lack of proper needle insertion skills and depth knowledge.

Acupuncture is recognized as a highly respected form of treatment by the AMA (American Medical Association) when performed by a licensed acupuncturist or medical doctor, and the AMA does not support “dry needling.” Therefore, the AMA states, “dry needling” is dangerous due to lack of proper training and higher risk of serious injury. Acupuncturists undergo a required graduate-level education, thousands of hours of clinical training, and state licensure to practice.

Therefore, for those seeking pregnancy, fertility, or internal medicine treatment, we advise against attempting “dry needling”; instead – work with an appropriately trained and licensed professional who carries a lot less risk of injury to you.

Our initial visits for new acupuncture clients are booked for 75 minutes — due to our extensive intake to understand your medical history and goals and perform treatment on the same day. Each of our follow-up sessions for acupuncture is 60 minutes. Additionally, our reiki, womb healing, and intuitive energy healing sessions are 60 minutes. All of our coaching sessions are 75 minutes.

We take your safety very seriously, no matter the circumstances, including COVID, and only see one client at a time, wear a face mask, and welcome you to wear a face mask if you feel more comfortable. We deep clean between each client.

At Garnet Moon Denver we love a cleansed healing space, so good vibes are continuously circulating for a healing environment! Frequently Asked Questions | Garnet Moon Denver.

We do not offer refunds on services rendered, late cancellations, no-shows, or products. We are here to help and want you to be happy — our primary focus is always on you!

We offer packages for some of our services, and all packages are valid for 12 months before they expire. Because we know life happens sometimes, and we understand this, we make exceptions from time to time in unique situations.

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