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When trying to conceive, you’ll do just about anything to increase your chances of success for a healthy pregnancy and baby. 

Choosing the right fertility acupuncture expert is crucial, as studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of acupuncture in calming the central nervous system and enhancing fertility. 

The expertise of the practitioner plays a significant role in the success of the treatment. Acupuncture offers unique benefits for fertility, as studies have shown. When performed by a skilled practitioner with a background in Chinese Medicine and functional medicine for reproductive health, Acupuncture can enhance fertility outcomes. It improves blood flow, regulates hormones and periods, reduces inflammation, relieves stress, and promotes balance and harmony in the body. 

However, it’s important to note that NOT ALL acupuncturists have the same level of expertise in fertility and reproductive medicine. 

If you are considering seeing a fertility acupuncturist, it is important to ask some key questions when choosing a fertility acupuncturist. These questions will help ensure that you receive acupuncture treatments for the best possible results for the time and money you invest.


What are your fertility acupuncturists’ credentials? 

When seeking an acupuncturist to treat fertility medicine, it is crucial to inquire about their qualifications, success rates, and certifications. 

Specifically, ask if they are a certified fellow on ABORM: the Acupuncture & TCM Board for Reproductive Medicine. Not all acupuncturists specialize in fertility, so finding one with the appropriate expertise is vital. 

Additionally, inquire about their training, certification, and other relevant credentials.

Fertility experts distinguish themselves through their extensive knowledge of fertility treatments and women’s health. ABORM: The Acupuncture & TCM Board of Reproductive Medicine certifies fertility acupuncturists, demonstrating their expertise in fertility and reproductive medicine.

The certification process involves additional training, completing a comprehensive exam, and fulfilling annual continuing education requirements for fertility, reproductive medicine, and women’s health. 

Discover more about what sets us apart at Garnet Moon through the ABORM certification HERE. 

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How long has your fertility acupuncturist specialized in fertility and reproductive medicine? 

To achieve the best outcomes in fertility treatment, it is essential to select an acupuncturist who has a demonstrated history of success and the requisite qualifications in reproductive medicine.

The benefits of acupuncture can help with fertility. It improves sperm quality, increases pregnancy rates, reduces stress and anxiety, and increases blood flow to reproductive organs with specific acupuncture points that calm the central nervous system, which balances hormones. It also helps create a healthier uterine lining and ovaries. Acupuncture during embryo transfer or IVF can increase success rates by up to 70%.

Experience matters significantly, particularly in the field of fertility and reproductive medicine. Find an acupuncturist who focuses on helping women with fertility issues and has lots of experience in this area. 

Consider providers with a minimum of having at least five years of experience in fertility reproductive medicine. 

What are your fertility acupuncturist success rates for fertility and healthy pregnancy? 

Be bold about asking for success rates. A good acupuncturist will happily share their statistics and success stories with you.

At our clinic, we have been helping women with reproductive issues for more than 10 years. We have a high success rate of 90% in getting pregnant within 3-6 months. Many of our clients get pregnant quickly, usually within a few menstrual cycles, and our pregnancy rates are also higher.

This depends on your medical history, lab results, and diagnosis to determine how long it will take. We only work with clients we know we can help and never make false promises. 

Your fertility acupuncturist should keep you on track with your treatment plan and motivate you to achieve the best results. 

Can your fertility acupuncturist support you with a comprehensive fertility treatment plan that includes more than just acupuncture?

Receiving acupuncture treatments is just one tool in the fertility toolbox. Find an acupuncturist who considers all aspects of fertility, including diet, lifestyle, stress, anxiety, and mindset. They will support your emotional and physical healing throughout the entire process. 

Finding a fertility expert who is knowledgeable about complex hormonal conditions is crucial. These conditions include PCOS, endometriosis, thyroid problems, fibroids, uterine issues, and low ovarian reserve

A fertility acupuncturist can assist you in getting pregnant, regulating your cycle and hormones, and relieving pain or symptoms. They can increase your chances of getting pregnant and provide support for conditions like these. They can improve your chances of getting pregnant and help with situations like these. 

Acupuncture clinics often see multiple clients per hour. However, they do not offer the complete fertility treatment plan and program required for the best success rates. 

How can your fertility acupuncturist support your partner and sperm health? 

Fertility isn’t just about the female body – sperm health is just as important. Ask your acupuncturist how they can support your partner’s fertility goals and yours.

In 40% of infertility cases, the issue lies with the man. It is crucial to enhance sperm quality in order to increase the likelihood of getting pregnant. When selecting a fertility acupuncturist, it’s important to consider their knowledge of sperm health and ability to enhance sperm quality. Sperm can profoundly impact the embryo’s health when implanting, which affects the health of pregnancy and miscarriages. 

Is your fertility acupuncturist certified and trained in both fertility acupuncture and herbal medicine? 

The benefits of acupuncture for fertility are a potent approach further enhanced by incorporating herbal medicine. Ensuring that your fertility acupuncturist is certified and proficient in both modalities is crucial.

It’s important to understand that acupuncture alone is like driving a car with only two wheels. Herbal medicine is also crucial for regulating hormones, improving blood quality and flow to reproductive organs, and balancing emotions. 

The challenge arises when many acupuncturists are not board-certified in herbal medicine, hindering comprehensive fertility care through Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Certain cases may not allow women undergoing assisted reproductive therapies or in vitro fertilization (IVF) to use herbal medicine. This is because it can interact with the medications used in these treatments.

A fertility acupuncturist can assist you in these situations. They can also collaborate with your fertility doctor. This collaboration aims to increase your chances of getting pregnant. 

Did your fertility acupuncturist tell you how many sessions you need and how often for fertility acupuncture to get results?

Fertility acupuncture isn’t a one-and-done treatment. 

Ask your acupuncturist about their plans and how often you’ll need to return for follow-up sessions to reach your goals when receiving acupuncture treatments. 

They will work with you to make a plan explaining what they are doing to care for you. Hence, you feel comfortable in your fertility journey and success with them.

Fertility is a journey, and it’s essential to have realistic expectations. Ask your acupuncturist about the timeline for achieving your goals and what you can expect when receiving acupuncture treatments.

How much do acupuncture and holistic medicine cost for fertility and women’s health? 

Are you looking for a fertility acupuncturist? Prices vary based on the quality of care and expertise you receive. 

A fertility expert costs more than an acupuncturist because they treat complex health issues like fertility, hormones, and women’s health. They are specialists, like your fertility doctor or gynecologist. Prices range from $125 to $350.

You will get better results with a specialist in reproductive medicine. Still, you have to consider you are paying for the expertise this provider will offer you. 

Is the clinician knowledgeable and adequately trained to offer you the best acupuncture for fertility?

  • Are you at ease with their approach, and do you feel confident in their experience and training for your fertility journey?
  • Do they effectively communicate with you using an integrative approach?
  • Are they adequately trained in reproductive medicine to support me while receiving fertility treatments like IVF or IUI?
  • What is their experience in treating complex hormonal health issues like PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, and thyroid conditions for conception and pregnancy? 
  • Do they actively listen to your concerns?
  • Are they providing you with a comprehensive treatment plan?
  • Are you comfortable with the proposed plan?
  • How is their network connection within the healthcare community to assist you in assembling your fertility support team?

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