Are you tired of feeling like no matter what you do, you are not achieving a healthy pregnancy, but everyone around you seems to be getting pregnant?

Are you frustrated by the endless attempts to conceive a baby, only to be disappointed?

Each cycle brings another negative pregnancy test, further fueling the feeling that your life is on hold.

But don’t lose sight of your miracle because you’ve taken every step you can think of. You’ve consulted doctors, undergone tests, and sought the advice of specialists.

  • Now, it’s time to seize control and redefine your journey.
  • Say goodbye to feeling stuck, exhausted, angry, sad, and frustrated.
  • It’s time to restore balance to your body, mindset, and soul and harmonize your hormones naturally while embracing the infinite possibilities of a healthy pregnancy and a beautiful child you deserve to hold in your arms.

Contrary to what you may have believed, it is possible to make this dream a reality; it’s just finding the right tools and this, beautiful, is why were landed here!


My name is Lindsay Goodwin, LAc., MSOM, BS, FABORM, Dipl., OM, C.Ht., CPNLP, CLC, EFT, and I am an inspiring leader in reproductive health, fertility coaching, holistic medicine, and energy healing. With 10+ years of experience helping women through prenatal and postnatal care, women’s health, fertility coaching, and life coaching, I have a ground-breaking, highly successful integrative signature approach to wellness.

I founded Unlocking Your Fertile Energy Code, an energy system for fertility that integrates evidence-based science with mindset, energy, and intuitive wisdom of the body, mind, and spirit.

I am a true pioneer in a unique method that empowers women to their unlimited potential for fertility and spiritual wellness.

My combination of licensed expertise and intuitive well-being programs has given countless couples the best chance at success on their journeys to conceive. I am a certified Fellow (FABORM) for The Acupuncture & TCM Board of Reproductive Medicine.

Unlock Your Fertile Code For a Healthy Pregnancy and Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams! 

I specialize in naturally enhancing fertility as couples prepare to conceive or while in the process. Let my expertise and ability help you unlock your fertile energy code and your holistic health guide to a successful pregnancy.

I am an inspiring leader in reproductive health, fertility coaching, holistic medicine, mindset reprogramming, medical intuition, spirit baby medium, and energy healing.

With 10+ years of expertise helping women through prenatal and postnatal care, women’s health, fertility coaching, and life coaching, I have a ground-breaking, highly successful integrative signature approach to wellness and energy health.

  • I founded Unlocking Your Fertile Energy Code, an energy system for fertility that integrates evidence-based science with mindset, energy, and intuitive wisdom of the body, mind, and spirit.

I offer the hope my clients have been searching for in manifesting their miracle of a healthy baby, EVEN in times when nothing else worked!

My ground-breaking signature method of Unlocking Your Fertile Energy Code program guides you to living in the best version of you, priming your body for a healthy baby and conception (building the soil), and grounding your mind, emotions, and spirit to becoming a momma!

I am always working to address the root cause of any fertility, health, energy, or spiritual concern to heal your hormones and cycle to bring everything back to balance to fully activate your Fertile Code so you can manifest your miracle baby!

Say yes, to Unlocking Your Fertile Energy Code!

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Lindsay Goodwin garnet moon denver about page.
Lindsay Goodwin ABORM certified fellow fertility and women's health holistic medicine and acupuncture in Denver.

Garnet Moon’s Lindsay Goodwin, LAc., MSOM, BS, FABORM, Dipl. OM, CH.t., CPNLP, CLC, EFT

  • Licensed & Board Certified Acupuncturist & Herbalist 
  • Certified Fellow (FABORM) on ABORM: The Acupuncture & TCM Board of Reproductive Medicine 
  • Board-Certified Diplomate of Oriental Medicine (OM) NCCAOM
  • Bachelor of Science in Nutrition
  • Bachelor of Fine Art & Marketing
  • Certified Master Coach, NLP, EFT, Hypnosis, Time Techniques
  • Certified Master Fertility Coach
  • Certified Meditation Instructor
  • Medical Intuitive (not to replace medical treatment)
  • Integrative Medicine Specialist for Fertility & Women’s Wellness with over 10 years of experience and training
  • Womb Healing + Intuitive Reiki
  • Soul Guide & Counselor
  • Intuitive Medium + Spirit Baby Medium
  • Guide, Teacher, & Mentor
  • Founder of Garnet Moon, the Garnet Moon Luxury Wellness & Skincare Apothecary
  • Founder of The Garnet Moon Fertility Method
  • Founder of Unlocking Your Fertile Energy Code Program (published book coming soon)
  • Founder of The Wellwoman Code
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Garnet Moon Fertility Center Denver. Why not all prenatal vitamins are created equal. Get the best prenatal with methylfolate.

My method of Unlocking Your Fertile Energy Code works …

because it supports you through evidence-based science, soulful fertility, energy methods, and mindset …

to reset your fertile mind of the infinite possibilities of your FULLEST FERTILE potential and get pregnant naturally. 

Beautiful, I have worked with women like yourself with some of the most challenging fertility cases for over a decade.

I know how to get you results, and my highly successful signature method is like nothing you have ever tried!



Lindsay Goodwin natural fertility and women's health doctor in Denver. Book now to get pregnant and regulate your cycle.

Experience 3 transformative months of personalized fertility sessions with me.

As a Certified Fellow of Reproductive Medicine, fertility coach, hypnotherapist, NLP therapist, meditation coach, and energy healer, I provide expert support and guidance throughout your journey.

I ensure the highest success rates with my extensive training, licensure, certifications, and 10+ years of working with women in fertility, reproductive medicine, mindset, trauma, intuitive energy healing, and holistic, integrative medicine.

Significantly increases your fertile success and journey with my signature 1:1 Transformational Fertility Sessions! 

I  KNOW  women embarking on a fertility journey face overwhelming amounts of information and decisions, from nutrition and exercise, hormones, BBT and cycle tracking, what to do and not do, to choosing their fertility expert, and the experience of some women not getting the answers they need, or vague explanations, or worse none at all from a medical professional; with so many paths forward, knowing which way to go can be challenging!

That’s why I offer individualized 1:1 Transformational Fertility sessions:

  • Guiding you through your fertility and pregnancy journey as your Certified Fertility Coach AND Certified Fellow in Reproductive Medicine (ABORM).
  • Offering you professional mindset techniques through Fertility Hypnosis, resetting your subconscious mind for deep healing and removing emotional and energy blocks with NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) with infertility therapy and coaching
  • I integrate medical intuition, spirit baby & womb space reading, and energy reading into my Transformational Fertility sessions. I help you gain clarity on what needs to be cleared energetically and spiritually so your little one can manifest into your life! 
  • I included Fertility Reiki and clearing your wombspace, as well as teaching you self-healing techniques and meditations to heal your womb. 
  • I advise you on fertile boosting diets, herbal medicine, meditation techniques, and manifesting a healthy pregnancy, baby, and healthier, more grounded you! 
  • You will get an individualized fertility plan based on your specific needs to get the success you deserve for a healthy pregnancy and get pregnant naturally! 
  • I teach you how to have a healthy and successful pregnancy with significantly cutting down the chances of miscarriage, and the opportunity to have a much smoother birth and delivery, and helping you have the healthy pregnancy and baby you deserve! 
  • My expertise will give you the support you need for mind, body, and spirit during this huge life event – whether helping you ask the right questions or understanding all the processes associated with fertility treatments, natural fertility, get pregnant naturally, pregnancy journey and giving you the highest success rates! 

I am dedicated to empowering women feeling overwhelmed by their fertility journey with personalized 1:1 support with infertility therapy and coaching.

My individualized Transformational Fertility sessions  are designed to lighten your load during an emotionally taxing, time so you feel more in control of creating your own family and get pregnant naturally. 

Known as the “Wellness Medium” and “Doctor of Energy & Divine Feminine,” I bring together the best of science, soul, and energy to help you manifest your dream of having a baby.

Let’s make it happen together to get pregnant naturally!


Maximize your fertility with FertileForce: Your Hormones & Cycle.

Experience the power of balance and harmony throughout your menstrual and moon cycles with our FertileForce hormone and cycle activation. Whether you’re currently menstruating or not, our program will help you restore and regulate your cycle, setting the stage for the perfect balance.

Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to increased chances of successful implantation and a long-lasting pregnancy and getting pregnant naturally.

But that’s not all – our revolutionary supplementary methods also focus on the quality of cervical mucus, a critical factor in fertility.

Unleash your fullest fertile potential with our simple yet effective techniques to get pregnant naturally with evidence-based fertility treatments and support.


Priming Your Body for Mommahood. 

Prepare for motherhood like never before with FertileBloom Activation. I’ll guide you in nurturing your body, womb, and soul to create the ideal setting for pregnancy in getting pregnant naturally or with assisted fertility treatments (ART: IVF/IUI).

Discover highly effective ways to optimize your journey to a healthy pregnancy through nutrition, lifestyle changes, and spiritual energy techniques.

Don’t worry if you’re undergoing fertility treatments – I’ve got you covered. With my expert guidance from years of experience, certifications, and countless clients who have manifested their miracle babies, I will ensure you make the most of your fertility treatments with the highest success rates.

Let my signature method simplify your path to parenthood, eliminating unnecessary obstacles. Trust me to help you embark on this incredible journey with confidence and peace of mind with an infertility therapist and coach.


Keeping on Track & Learning About Your Cycle, Hormones, Body, & Fertility.  

Unlock your success to conception with the BossMomma BBT & Charting Activation.

No more unreliable apps – this protocol will empower you to understand your hormones, pinpoint ovulation, and sync it all for a healthy pregnancy.

Experience the power of this protocol as it strengthens your cycle foundation, with my expertise guiding and coaching you every step of the way.

I will help you not let hormonal issues hinder your journey to parenthood.

With this protocol activation, you can take control of your fertility and significantly reduce the chances of miscarriage or failed fertility cycles to get pregnant naturally or with assisted fertility treatments (ART). The truth is most failed cycles or pregnancies start with poor embryo quality.

Let’s overcome obstacles with BossMomma BBT & Charting Activation.

Trusting Your Soul, Body, Womb, & Spirit Baby. 

The powerful Soulful WombRX Activation tracks your cycle and fertility progress to ensure you’re on the path to pregnancy, even if it doesn’t happen this month.

Our unique approach focuses on your cycle and activating the intuitive wisdom within your wombspace, body, and spirit baby.

By paying attention to specific markers in your physical body and energy, we can measure improvements in your fertility and guide you toward limitless creation.

Discover the changes you must make to align with your wholesome fertile energies and increase your chances of conceiving and get pregnant naturally!

Deep Energy Alignment.  

Let’s activate your FertileFlow!

Discover your untapped energy centers (chakras) that are key to unlocking your fertility, balancing hormones, and regulating/boosting your endocrine system.

Be guided by the transformative power of angels and healing light as you immerse yourself in the blissful synergy of mind, body, and spirit.

Experience your transformational journey toward your dream of motherhood and heal in the process to get pregnant naturally.

Unlocking Your Fertile Mindset.  

Liberate the power of your mind with Mindset Illuminate!

Experience an abundance of fertility and a mindset primed for your fertile success. You’ll confidently navigate your fertility and pregnancy journey through self-hypnosis, subconscious reprogramming-NLP, energy block healing, and building a strong energy foundation.

Discover the tools to relax your central nervous system, regulate hormones, enhance your cycle, and increase your chances of conception and healthy pregnancy.

Don’t let past disappointments hold you back because we’ll overcome any emotional and energetic obstacles together.

Experience the power of Unlocking Your Fertile Energy Code – a cutting-edge fertility energy system.

This groundbreaking approach combines the best of science, mindset, and intuitive wisdom to enhance your chances of conception to get pregnant naturally or with the support of medical fertility treatments.

Discover the keys to unlocking your body, mind, and spirit, and embark on a journey towards fertility success.

  • Manifesting Your Miracle: Integrative Fertility Guide & Kit (value $598)

  • The FertileForce: Egg Boosting Guide (value $497)

  • The Swimmers: Optimizing Your Fertility Guide (value $497)

  • MoonFlow: Empowering Your Cycles Guide (value $699)

  • Empowerment in Bloom: Guided Meditation (value $397)

  • Tapping for FertileAbundance: Self-healing video for using Emotional Freedom Tapping Technique (value $344)

  • Fertile Manifestation Hypnosis: Self-hypnosis video for clearing energy blocks and mindset around your fertility (value $497)

  • Soulful Connections: Guided Spirit Baby Meditation (value $497)