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Gua Sha is a traditional healing technique. It has been used for thousands of years. Its purpose is to eliminate pain, inflammation, and drain toxins. It is also used for anti-aging. Additionally, it can increase elastin and collagen production and promote the release of toxins.

We use white jade stones for facial massage. This helps to reduce tension in the neck, head, shoulders, and jaw. Increased blood circulation and the release of toxins are also beneficial.

Improve your look for fine lines, wrinkles, complexion, tired eyes with dark circles, and sagging skin. We guarantee you’ll see results! It also helps to release the fascia, giving your skin a glowing appearance. Ultimately, this leads to optimal beauty and wellness both inside and out.

Gua Sha can help heal dryness and breakouts. Reduce and soften fine lines and wrinkles, it helps to plump and tighten skin, and reduces dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. It also helps to renew your skin. Facial Gua Sha in Denver | Garnet Moon.

  • We are the best in Denver for facial Gua Sha.
  • We are experts in face mapping for acne based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, gemstone facials, healing crystal facials, and Chinese face mapping.
  • We can identify imbalances in organ systems according to the mapping on your face to identify problem areas in your lifestyle that may affect your skin.
  • We also specialize in hormonal balance, holistic wellness, and Chinese medicine. Lindsay is a certified Fellow (FABORM) for ABORM: The Acupuncture & TCM Board for Reproductive Medicine, which validates her expertise in women’s health and hormones. 
  • This mapping can help with acne and imbalances in the body, and identify lifestyle changes for healthier skin.
Lindsay Goodwin natural fertility and women's health doctor in Denver. Book now to get pregnant and regulate your cycle.

lindsay goodwin, LAc., FABORM
Garnet Moon Founder

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At Garnet Moon Denver we want you to leave our healing space relaxed and glowing!

Garnet Moon Denver Chinese Face Map image for advanced skincare and facial Gua Sha.

Why Garnet Moon Denver is the best for a Gua Sha facial in Denver. 

Lindsay can help you get glowing skin, reduce signs of aging, reduce inflammation and acne breakouts, and nourish your skin. Our session starts off with a 10-minute discuss of your skin and goals. Then Lindsay will begin the Gua Sha facial (which last about 20-minutes), give you skin pointers and suggestions for at home self Gua Sha, and preform intuitive healing while you are relaxing. The remainder of the session is about 25-minutes, and Lindsay will place gemstones and LED light therapy to your face for about 20-minutes to balance your skin, improve cellular repair, and increase blood flow to give you the best facial Gua Sha in Denver!

Lindsay is a board-certified herbalist and has a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine, and a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition. As well, as she has studied with Clive Witham who is considered one of the best Gua Sha experts in Chinese Medicine. 

Also included:
  • Crystal healing facial
  • Mini Reiki and energy healing with whole body crystal healing. 
  • Light therapy
  • Nutrition and wellness guidance for healthier skin
  • Holistic wellness and the best facial in Denver 
  • Signature Organic Skincare and essential oils used during your Gua Sha facial. 
crystal healing reiki healing in denver. lady with facial and crystals at garnet moon.