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My name is Lindsay Goodwin, LAc., MSOM, BS, FABORM, Dipl., OM, C.Ht., CPNLP, CLC, EFT,and I have been helping women for over 13 years in fertility medicine, hormones & regulating your cycle, preconception prep for a healthier pregnancy, IVF & fertility treatment support, prenatal, and postnatal care, women’s health, fertility coaching & life coaching; I am passionate about helping my clients reach their goal of achieving a successful pregnancy & manifest the life of their dreams. My approach is one of a kind — combining licensed expertise with intuitive wellness programs to give couples the best chance at success on their journey. I am a certified Fellow (FABORM) on ABORM, The Acupuncture & TCM Board of Reproductive Medicine.

Naturally, Enhance Your Fertility as You Prepare to Conceive or Are in the Process of Conceiving now. Fertility Specialist & Coaching.


I help you get help to unlock your fertility potential. I understand that many factors affect fertility and that stress and lifestyle are often guilty culprits to lower success rates. With an integrative approach explicitly designed around you, I will guide your mind-body and well-being into maximal fertility success! I help you enhance the health of your eggs, sperm, and reproductive systems from within.

My signature program, The Garnet Moon Fertility Method, offers you the success you desire in achieving your dreams of parenthood.

I provide compassionate guidance and support to help you create a lifestyle that supports your fertility health and success! I offer individualized support because your journey is unique, and I offer personalized 1:1 guidance that can provide crucial support as every individual’s fertility journey differs. I stand with you through each twist and turn, and my training, experience, and intuitive connection to present all possible options, guiding you forward with hope and renewal for what is manifesting for you.

During our sessions, we connect 1:1, open dialogue regarding your fertility & ART fertility treatment, and medical and emotional aspects, so you are heard, supported, and have a fertility advocate holding space for you. All available resources are explored to build an effective plan customized just for you because you always deserve the very best! I will advocate for you and understand the challenges of infertility. I provide support and information to help you understand your options and feel empowered to advocate for yourself. With her help, you’ll find hope and potential paths forward. Fertility Specialist & Coaching.

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Garnet Moon’s Lindsay Goodwin,LAc., MSOM, BS, FABORM, Dipl. OM, CH.t., CPNLP, CLC, EFT

  • Licensed & Board Certified Acupuncturist & Herbalist in Illinois & Colorado
  • Certified Fellow (FABORM) on ABORM: The Acupuncture & TCM Board of Reproductive Medicine
  • Board-Certified Diplomate of Oriental Medicine (OM) NCCAOM
  • Bachelor of Science in Nutrition
  • Bachelor of Fine Art & Marketing
  • Certified Master Coach, NLP, EFT, Hypnosis, Time Techniques
  • Certified Master Fertility Coach
  • Certified Meditation Instructor
  • Medical Intuitive (not to replace medical treatment)
  • Integrative Medicine Specialist for Fertility & Women’s Wellness with over 13 years of experience and training
  • Womb Healing + Intuitive Reiki
  • Soul Guide & Counselor
  • Intuitive Medium
  • Guide, Teacher, & Mentor
  • Founder of Garnet Moon, the Garnet Moon Luxury Wellness & Skincare Apothecary
  • Founder of The Garnet Moon Fertility Method
  • Founder of The Wellwoman Code
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The Garnet Moon Fertility Method: Fertility Specialist & Coaching.

  • Support for: stress & emotions, awareness, fertile detox for desired results, Fertility boosting diet & supplements consult, meditation & exercises to connect with your womb space, mindset coaching & exercises, fertility diet journal, intuitive reading, support during your ART fertility cycles for increased success, acupressure exercises and instruction, visualization exercises to manifest, womb wisdom, email support from Lindsay between sessions, and so much more!
  • A unique treatment plan for your specific needs. After your initial VIRTUAL consult, I will email you a treatment plan to follow and include my best fertility tips, tracking, and related info to guide your journey.
  • Please Note — this Session is the start of a series of sessions of a 3-month commitment to successful results with my signature program, The Garnet Moon Fertility Method. Fertility Specialist & Coaching.