At Garnet Moon Denver, our top priority is helping our clients achieve feeling their best and shining their unique magic. As acupuncture & wellness experts for over 13 years in acupuncture for anxiety, emotional wellness, & trauma, we have a proven signature method to support emotional health. We are the #1 choice for intuitive options for Anxiety Emotional Acupuncture Healing in Denver!

Our assessments are based on an individualized Chinese medicine diagnosis & intuitive medicine that considers all aspects of our client’s wellbeing – mind, body, and spirit.

We intuitively create a personalized treatment plan for emotional health and overall wellness to meet your goals. Learn more about Acupuncture for Anxiety & Emotional Health.

What can I expect at my first Anxiety Emotional Acupuncture Healing Denver appointment?

Lindsay will guide you on your journey to feeling your best and being emotional balanced, support anxiety & stress, and guide you to emotional inner freedom with a 40 minute wellness consult & exam, discuss your medical history, goals, and treatment options that are best for you and your unique needs–including acupuncture, crystal healing, nutrition, wellness product options, herbal medicine, and supplements. After the 40 minute consult, Lindsay will insert sterile “hair fine” needles in various locations on your body. The needles remain in place for about 30 minutes. You can expect personalized care while receiving support throughout every step towards gaining your emotional wellness back … and, most importantly: feeling your best and anxiety & stress free!

How many Acupuncture Emotional Wellness sessions will I need to achieve my desired results?

Your body, mind, & emotions always work from the inside out, so healing takes time. With the Garnet Moon method, most of our clients generally begin to feel more emotional balance at their first appointment! But this is not always the case, so depending on the severity of the emotional disharmonies you may be experiencing, our recommended treatment frequency for desired results can be anywhere from 1-3 times per week of consistent acupuncture & intuitive wellness. Once you start feeling better, we design a treatment plan with less frequent treatments. We offer package options for clients who visit us more frequently to meet specific needs.

What makes our intuitive, emotional healing model so effective & what we treat:

  • We help women experiencing anxiety, stress, current & past traumas, feeling burnt out, feeling out of alignment, and emotions causing sleep & energy issues. We also help with fertility & hormonal issues contributing to anxiety & stress.
  • We will teach you how to integrate healing crystals & essential oils to increase your emotional balance, intuitive connection, and optimal wellness. We guide you to build stability and a foundation in your life to feel safe, get unstuck & clear what is no longer serving you.
  • Our method equally designs wellness-driven food & lifestyle plans for overall wellness, clarity, and balance.
  • We offer a unique healing space that you won’t find anywhere else. Your healing, comfort, and success are our primary focus. We guide you to your unique inner wisdom & magic within!

Our Signature Intuitive Treatments for Anxiety Emotional Acupuncture Healing in Denver Includes: 

Intuitive Anxiety, Stress, & Emotional Wellness Acupuncture: Our style is intuitive acupuncture, which means Lindsay uses her intuitive psychic gifts + science, holistic medicine, energy medicine, & Chinese medicine to identify what each client needs to heal. 

Crystal Healing & Essential Oils: Above all to increase blood circulation, balance chakras (energy centers), balance emotions, clear unwanted energies, increase mood, & anchor energy. 

Intuitive Guidance: Emotional support during your healing journey. Learn more about Lindsay, and how she’s helping & has helped hundreds of women find their magic within! 

Herbal Medicine & Supplement Treatment Plans: For internal healing & balancing for overall wellness, anxiety, stress, & emotional wellness management. Learn more about our our signature intuitive healing options.

Energy Healing & Grounding: Meditation, visualizations, and energy education.

Nutritional Plans: Lifestyle recommendations & treatment plans for anxiety, stress, & emotional wellness management & being free of pain & inflammation, longevity, wellness, & glowing magnetic energy. 

Soul Guidance: Guiding you to the best version of yourself so you can feel your best! Learn more about readings and mentoring with Lindsay.