You deserve the skin of your dreams: ignite your glow with our method! 

At Garnet Moon, our dedication is to provide holistic, natural beauty solutions that improve & to emphasize your overall health and well-being for Anti-Aging Cosmetic Acupuncture in Denver. Our signature unique skincare regimens are tailored to your individual needs, using the best ingredients nature has to offer and the expert treatment you deserve!

Garnet Moon’s Cosmetic Acupuncture treatments can help with various skin issues and desired balance for fine lines and wrinkles, sagging and drooping skin, increased collagen production and blood circulation, age spots, acne, hormonal cystic acne, aging prevention, and skin discoloration. Another key point we offer light therapy treatments for acne scarring and other skin concerns. Garnet Moon’s signature glow method combines facial guasha, cosmetic acupuncture, and crystal healing to improve skin tone and give you a radiant, youthful appearance. Our custom skin care tools encourage cellular rejuvenation and help you achieve the Garnet Moon signature glow.

Beauty starts from the inside, so we know how important nurturing the inside and your energy is. We offer nutrition plans and herbal medicine consultations with our cosmetic and skin care regimens to help you feel your best! Learn more about The GM standards and values here.

At Garnet Moon, we are here to help you illuminate your inner light and shine your beautiful, unique glow. Our glow method will help you achieve balance, confidence, and radiant beauty with our Anti-Aging Cosmetic & Acne Treatments!

What can you expect at your first Anti-Aging Cosmetic Acupuncture in Denver appointment?

Lindsay will guide you on your journey to glowing skin during a 40 minute consult. She will discuss your medical or skincare history, goals, and treatment options that are best for you and your unique needs–including acupuncture, crystal healing, light therapy, nutrition, skin care options, herbal medicine, and supplements. After the 40 minute consult, Lindsay will insert sterile “hair fine” needles in various locations on your face, neck, head, and body. The needles remain in place for about 30 minutes. Lindsay may also add crystal healing and light therapy if this is part of your cosmetic glow treatment plan. You can expect personalized care while receiving support throughout every step towards achieving beautiful results…and, most importantly: having the glowing skin of your dreams!

How many Anti-Aging Cosmetic & Acne Treatment sessions will I need to achieve my desired results?

To point out your body always works from the inside out, so healing and glowing skin takes time. Together with the Garnet Moon glow method, generally, most of our clients achieve the desired results within 10 treatments. But, all skin types and healing journey is unique, so we only use this as a general recommendation. At Garnet Moon, our treatments are strongly rooted in empowering and guiding you to heal yourself at a deep level of mind, body, and soul; you will notice lasting results in glowing, radiant skin when healing at a deep, significant level! Additionally, our treatments require consistency, sticking to the treatment plan we create for you, and most of all, keeping your energy in a happy place so you naturally glow; we are all about guiding you to igniting your illuminating glow! If you have questions please contact us – we’re here to help!

What we help with for glowing skin & radiant natural beauty in our signature Anti-Aging Cosmetic Acupuncture in Denver Treatments:

  • Hormonal issues include cystic acne, acne around your cycle, & other hormonal imbalances 
  • Skin discolorations, age spots, sun damage, & minimizing or healing the appearance of scars, including acne scars 
  • Anti-aging: fine lines, wrinkles, drooping & sagging skin, and increased blood flow & collagen production for glowing skin
  • Glowing natural beauty regimens for younger, radiant skin 
  • Cellular & facial rejuvenation for improved skin tone & glow 
  • Skin redness & autoimmune disorders like rosacea 
  • Neurological issues such as Bell’s Palsy & stroke damage to the face  
  • Dermatitis & other dermatological issues 
  • The beautiful natural skin of your dreams & what you deserve 
  • A signature glow treatment unique to your unique needs! 

Our Signature Anti-Aging Cosmetic & Acne Treatments for Glowing Skin Includes: 

Anti-Aging Cosmetic & Acne Treatments

Cosmetic Acupuncture: our treatments also include acupuncture for the overall well-being of your entire system; beauty starts from the inside.

LED Light Therapy: for skin correction, anti-aging, reducing inflammation, skin tightening, & improving blood circulation & collagen to the face for glowing skin. 

Crystal Healing Signature Facial: to increase blood circulation, balance chakras (energy centers), balance emotions, clear unwanted energies, & anchor energy. 

Intuitive Guidance: emotional support during your healing journey. Learn more about Lindsay, here, and how she has helping hundreds of women find their magic within! 

Facial & Neck Guasha: including instruction on at-home treatments of how to use our custom skin care tools in between your cosmetic sessions with us. 

Herbal Medicine & Supplement Treatment Plans: for internal healing & balancing for radiant, glowing skin & wellness. Learn more about our Integrative Natural Medicine signature healing options here

Essential Oils Therapy: we only use the highest quality ingredients in all our treatments for skin care, including our signature Garnet Moon skin care product line. 

Energy Healing & Grounding: Meditation, visualizations, and energy education.

Nutritional Plans: lifestyle recommendations & treatment plans for longevity, wellness, & glowing skin. 

Soul Guidance: guiding you to the best version of yourself so you can feel your best! Learn more about readings and mentoring with Lindsay here